At Shift we specialize in High Intensity Interval Training, the most effective style of training to simultaneously boost metabolism and build lean muscle tissue.

If you love variety in your training, you’ll love our classes! Our classes are 60 minutes in length, complete with warm up and cool down. For optimal results, we balance our training week through our unique class styles. Strength, Endurance, HIIT and Core Conditioning are our Shift training pillars. To feel your best and reach your goals, we suggest 4 – 5 days each week of Shift workouts, hitting each of our pillars at least once.

Shift Training Pillars


Experience our top cardio machines, typically paired back to back for a short circuit. Moving into your strength sets, you’ll see top training styles such as EMOM (every minute on the minute) focusing on less repetitions with a heavier weight. Pair that back to back and you’ll see why this is one of our most loved  - aka challenging - workouts.

Classic HIIT

Feel the energy flowing as you move through challenging but shorter cardio sets mixed with your strength movements. This interval workout is always a knockout and the variety will keep you on your toes.


Lengthen your cardio sets and stay with your strength exercises longer targeting your heart and lungs. This allows greater impact to muscle growth, and massive boost to your cardiorespiratory system.

Core Conditioning

Target the most important area of our body. Strengthen your core through a variety of movements with the ultimate goal to create a strong base to all your functional movements. This will help prevent injuries such as lower back issues and will provide you more power and strength within your daily life and activities.